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We Believe in Orrville

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We are excited to announce our upcoming Capital Campaign for $500,000 to renovate our natatorium. People who enjoy our pool know the atmosphere can be hot, humid and heavy. This is because the dehumidification system has been inoperative for many years.

What will my donation provide for the Y?
Phase 1 of the campaign ($330,000) will make it possible for us to install a correctly sized and efficient dehumidification system, including a new duct sock to circulate the air plus reduce weight on the ceiling.

Phase 2 ($170,000) will provide funds for replacing the windows and doors. A controlled climate with properly sealed windows and doors will allow the new unit to operate efficiently and effectively. Also included in Phase 2 improvements are: Efficient lighting to improve visibility, removing unsightly stains on ceiling and walls, repairing and resealing the floor, and other mechanical upgrades.

Who will benefit from this campaign?
Everyone who uses the pool will find the improvements enhance their experience in a comfortable environment. The list of those who will enjoy these improvements is long: Infants and parents in our Water Babies program, preschool and elementary age children taking swim lessons, our faithful water group exercise classes, our swim team members and participants from other communities at our home meets, their parents who are in the stands, our coaches and instructors who lead these programs, lap swimmers, families enjoying open swim, and of course the lifeguards.

How can you help?
The Y was awarded a matching grant of up to $75,000 through the Wayne County Community Foundation. Over the next six months we are planning events and opportunities to raise funds to reach the maximum match. With this potential for $150,000, plus the $25,000 grant we received from the George T. Dunlap Community Foundation, we can reach 1/3 of our goal. You can help by taking advantage of various events and opportunities to participate or pledge to the campaign.

Our signature campaign event will be held on February 2nd and 3rd, 2018, featuring special guest, the legendary Coach Bob Knight, a 1958 graduate of Orrville High School. Knight won the 1960 national basketball championship as a reserve for Ohio State. After coaching at West Point, Knight won three national titles during his 29 years at Indiana University. He resumed coaching at Texas Tech in 2001, retiring in 2008 with a then-men's Division I basketball record 902 wins. Coach Knight is donating his time for a dinner at the Y and a speaking event at the Orrville High School Auditorium.

The Orrville YMCA is a 501(c)3, tax-exempt organization. Donations to this project qualify as charitable contributions. Donations can be made over a 3 year period if so desired.

We are very pleased to announce that Lisa and Dr Steve Widmer have agreed to be our Capital Campaign Co-Chairs. In addition, many volunteers and staff members are planning a variety of fun events to continue the momentum to reach our goal. Please feel free to call the YMCA and speak with Dean Gogolewski about the campaign and be on the lookout for more information and updates in 2018. The brochure is available by clicking here.